The Polaris UTV Lineup Has New Features and Benefits

polaris utv

A recent lawsuit claims that Polaris failed to adequately test the rollover protection systems on its UTVs. The lawsuit alleges that the company cheated in testing by dispersing the weight of the vehicle across the top of its enclosure, resulting in UTVs that don’t pass the OSHA side-load test. In addition, the company failed to provide accurate information regarding how to check whether a UTV’s rollover protection system works.

Polaris is a major player in the UTV market, and its lineup includes a wide range of models. Its RANGER XP Kinetic line of off-road vehicles starts at $24,999, while its RANGER XP Kinetic Ultimate goes for a bit more. The RANGER XP Kinetic Ultimate is Polaris’ most capable and powerful UTV. In addition to the RANGER and Sportsman models, the company also sells an electric model.

The company is headquartered in Minnesota, and has been manufacturing motorsport vehicles since 1954. In 1984, it created the first North American-made ATV, the Polaris Ranger. Today, it offers models for both recreational and professional use. To learn more about the features and benefits of a Polaris ATV, contact an authorized dealer like Greenville Motorsports.

The 2020 Polaris Ranger lineup features a model for every taste and budget. For example, the Ranger 1000 is built for men who work long hours and want something they can use for all-day use. It features a SOHC engine with increased torque specs for greater pulling ability. Mid-band clutching means you don’t have to change filters, spark plugs, or oil, thereby reducing your maintenance and repair costs.

In addition to features, the Polaris UTVs have new trims and interiors. You’ll find configurable gauges and an integrated 7-inch touch screen in the cabin, Rockford Fosgate audio, and more. In addition, the engine is now equipped with a more durable air intake for improved durability in hotter weather. Also, the rear shock guards have a design that indexes to the shock.

The RZR Pro R has more power than any other Polaris UTV. It boasts a trailing arm rear suspension and a maximum ground clearance of 14.5 inches. The RZR Pro R also comes with a new five-lug cast aluminum wheel for added performance. This makes it the perfect machine for off-roading. It is also available in a range of models that are designed for performance-minded use.

An SxS is usually larger than an ATV and can carry more cargo and passengers. There are two-seater models, four-seater models, and six-seater models. Compared to single-seater ATVs, a Polaris UTV is recommended for those who need to tote cargo with them. An ATV’s lack of bed space can be compensated by using a trailer, but a UTV is the best choice if you need to haul bulky items.

The RZR Pro R is also designed for off-road use. Its high power and off-road performance required reengineering the chassis and roll cage to make it as capable as it is. The 2022 RZR Pro R comes with a sturdy one-piece chassis and a fully welded roll cage. While most UTV chassis are modular, the RZR Pro R is built with a robust single-piece chassis.

The Polaris General and Ranger have standard independent rear suspension, while the Polaris Defender and Ranger are equipped with heavy-duty Torsional Trailing Arm suspension. Both vehicles have a cargo box that can hold up to 600 pounds, and the Ranger and Defender have the capability to tow up to 2,000 pounds.

If you’re in the market for a UTV, it’s a good idea to check its power and range before making a purchase. Depending on the model you choose, you can purchase a UTV with either a gas or electric motor. You’ll want a model with a strong electric motor. A good electric motor has a low voltage and is capable of hauling up to 2,500 pounds.