How to Choose the Best UTV for Sale


The UTV is a vehicle that was developed in the 1960s and came into existence to serve commercial needs. Its predecessor, the ATV, introduced the concept of an off-road recreational vehicle. The first UTVs were modified ATVs. Today, the UTV is a midsize crossover SUV that can be used in both the agricultural and commercial sectors. In addition to commercial and recreational use, UTVs are also used for utility and sport purposes.

Choosing the right UTV depends on your needs. You can choose one with storage space, a powerful engine, and towing capability. Moreover, you must choose the features required for your specific job. For example, a UTV that can be used for farming should have features like a roll cage and a seat for multiple passengers. In addition, a UTV should be able to carry a lot of cargo. For that reason, most UTVs are equipped with storage space.

Price is another factor. A new UTV can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000, but some models are less expensive. A used UTV can be purchased for a couple thousand dollars. Before purchasing a used UTV, make sure to check the condition and warranty of the UTV. Used models can have hidden mechanical problems. In addition, they may be out of warranty.

UTVs are ideal for farming and construction work. They can handle unpredictable terrain and can haul large loads. Some UTVs even have a dump box and winches built in. These features make them great for hauling dirt and recovering objects. They can also be customized to do more specific work, including towing trailers, front loaders, and fertilizer sprayers. A UTV is also an ideal vehicle for military purposes. These versatile vehicles are widely used in many commercial and agricultural settings.

The Yamaha Wolverine costs around $11,000 new. This model has a seven-08 four-stroke engine, CVT transmission, and a low-maintenance suspension. It is fast and reliable. For a more expensive model, you can consider the Yamaha YXZ100R. Its 1,000cc triple cylinder engine and Fox Podium RC2 shocks make it ideal for sand dunes.

ATVs are also a popular vehicle for recreation. They are a great way to explore the countryside. You can use them for snow-plowing, land mowing, winching, and transportation of cargo. ATVs are versatile machines and a great companion on a farm. A UTV can be more comfortable to ride and is a more practical choice for recreational off-roading. If you’re planning to take your UTV on a road trip, make sure to ask your local law enforcement about their laws on ATVs.

If you’re looking to race your UTV, you’ll want to consider the different racing models. Many rallies have a special category for these vehicles. They excel with their performances. A UTV is more expensive than an ATV. If you’re on a budget, an ATV is an excellent option. The UTV market has a wide variety of models to meet every type of need. You can choose a low-priced youth or beginner model, or a high-powered work vehicle.

UTVs are also great for navigating the wilderness. They are very maneuverable for their size, and can carry up to six passengers. This makes them ideal for camping out in the wild. In contrast, most ATVs can only hold one passenger. You’ll need three operators and at least three vehicles to transport six people. You can use NADAguides to see how much each model is priced and find a dealership in your area.

Another difference between an ATV and a UTV is how you operate the vehicle. The ATV features a steering wheel, which is much easier to use than handlebars. In addition, a UTV also features a seat belt, which makes it safer to ride. The UTVs have more aftermarket support and can be modified for work purposes. So, if you’re looking for an off-road vehicle, a UTV may be the best option.

Newer UTVs are built for durability and can be road-legal in most states. But don’t forget to check local laws before venturing out on the highway. Most states allow UTVs to ride on the street, provided they have functioning lights and an electric horn. UTVs also need to comply with noise standards, and they may require a muffler. You’ll also need a license plate and title to ride on the street.

The Polaris RZR XP 1000 Sport is arguably the industry’s best-selling performance side-by-side UTV, with 110 horsepower and 20 inches of suspension travel. Other features include Walker Evans Needle Shocks and a four-inch LCD Rider Information Center. This model is also equipped with a 3,000-pound winch.