A Tracker For Your ATV

racker utv

ATVs are fun but also dangerous vehicles. It’s especially important to wear an approved helmet, eye protection, and protective clothing while riding an ATV. Moreover, riders must be extra cautious when they ride on rough terrain or at high speeds. Read the owner’s manual and consider taking a training course.

A tracker for your ATV will help you find your ATV if it gets stolen. It has a GPS tracker and a cell phone app that will let you know where it is. This will prevent theft and ensure your safety by notifying you of the vehicle’s location. This GPS tracker will provide you with real-time GPS tracking so you can easily follow your ATV.

TRACKER is a well-known brand. Its stats compare favorably to those of other UTV manufacturers, and the company’s products are sold at major retailers such as Bass Pro, Cabela’s, and TRACKER locations worldwide. It also boasts an 18-month warranty, which is longer than the industry standard of six to 12 months.

The TRACKER brand is being created by multi-billionaire Johnny Morris, a Springfield, Missouri, businessman. He recently partnered with Textron Specialized Vehicles, the maker of E-Z-Go Golf Carts and Arctic Cat utility vehicles. Textron will produce TRACKER brand ATVs for a variety of consumer markets.

Tracker UTVs come in two-wheel and four-wheel drive versions. The two-wheel drive Tracker is ideal for long desert dunes, while the four-wheel drive model is ideal for mud bogging. The Tracker also boasts more horsepower and tow capacity than the average UTV. Moreover, its engine is made by Textron, a leading company in aviation.

The Tracker OX400 utility vehicle was designed for farmers, ranchers, and park maintenance. Its body is made of welded steel and finished with DuraShield(tm) powder coat. It also features a 1,200-lb tow capacity and a heavy-duty cargo box. It costs $7,999. It also features dual rear wheel drum breaks, self-compensating reduction rack and pinion steering, and hydraulic shock absorbers.

The TRACKER brand has been in production for over 40 years and is one of the most trusted names in off-road vehicles. It has been making some of the best UTVs on the market and is perfect for rough terrain. TRACKER offers a wide range of models and has built a solid reputation as an industry leader. They have the ruggedness and quietness you need to enjoy the outdoors. You will be glad you invested in a TRACKER UTV!

The TRACKER ATV is built by Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc., a manufacturer in Georgia. This company’s success has made it a viable alternative to some of the lower names in the industry. In fact, the TRACKER is poised to overtake many lesser-known names in the industry. With a low price tag and easy-access dealers, the TRACKER ATV could be the next big thing in off-road vehicles.